Indonesia & Dubai 2014

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Since my father in law is married to an Indonesian woman in his second marriage, we have over time heard and learned a lot about Indonesia and many times we talked about joining them on one of their trips to Indonesia and stay with them in their house in Lembang - a town approx. 150 km southeast of Jakarta.
So a long-cherished desire to visit Indonesia - and a wedding invitation - made ​​that we finally decided to go.
On our way home from Indonesia we will use the opportunity to stay a couple of days in Dubai.


Ready for departure from Dragør, Copenhagen - this is the luggage for 4 persons.
In Dubai Airport Kaja's sieblings, Lennart, Linda and Mellie and the latters husband Shaef joined us from UK.
In the Picture Lennart, Mellie and Shaef.

After having been underway for almost 24 hours we arrived in the busy "Soekarno Hatta Airport", Jakarta.
Yati and Kaja enjoying a nice foot massage after the long journey.
Due to the upcoming wedding the 3 sisters did some powershopping in Jakarta - an Indonesian wedding consist of a lot of ceremonies and rituals and it requires some specific dresses, which caused some headaches among the girls.
We had planned to leave Jakarta at noon Monday the 19. May, but because of rainstorm and flooding our departure was delayed by 6 hours. The guard in front of our house sought shelter from the heavy rain in his small shed.
From Jakarta we drove to a cooler and less polluted environment in Lembang - where we stayed in Yati and Ole's beautiful house. Lembang is situated 110 km southeast of Jakarta - approx 1400 m above sea level.
From the terrace there is a fantastic view of the town and the nearby mountain Tangkuban Prahu with a sleeping volcano which last erupted in 1983.
During our stay in Lembang we paid a visit to a home for orphans and donated 100 kg of rice.
The home is completely dependent on private contribution as they receive no support from the public authorities.
The Bandung branch of the family on their way to wedding in Jakarta.
A late arrival Thursday evening but lovely dinner.
Attending the first of 4 ceremonies at the wedding.
The parents saying farewell to their daughter.
An Indonesian wedding consists of many different rituals and one of the rituals is carried out by the parents who bathe their daughter before the wedding ceremony.
The two families meets "officially" for the first time.
Groom and bride
Beautiful dancers
On the third day of the wedding a dinner reception was held for approximately 1,200 invited guests.
After the wedding we flew approx. 450 km south to Yogyakarta to visit some beautiful temples.

Sunrise over the Borobodur Temple. It was built in the 9th century during the reign of the Sailendra Dynasty and it's the the world’s largest Buddhist temple.


The Prambanan Temple - a Hindu temple - which was also build in the 9th Century.


Farewell dinner - after seeing the beautiful temples in the vicinity of Yogyakarta it was time for Kaja and I to say goodbye to the other members of the family, as we had booked a hotel in Bali.


The beautiful pool at the Sanur Beach Hotel in Bali.


Amazing view of rice paddy fields.


A visit to Monkey Forest in Ubud and a good advice - be sure to hold on tight to all loose items.
After a couple of weeks in Indonesia filled with amazing and beautiful experiences, it was time again to set course for Denmark and on the way home we made a stop over in Dubai.


Burj Khalifa - is 829.8 meters high and hence the tallest building in the World. It was build between 2004 - 2010 and it’s three times as tall as the Eiffel Tower and nearly twice as tall as the Empire State Building.


A view from the Tower.



Dubai is a very special and warm place, so it was nice - after 3 days in the very hot environment - to get on the plane and arrive in more comfortable temperatures in Denmark.






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