Velkommen - til Jan og Kaja's rejsedagbog om vores tur til det vestlige USA i maj-juni 2012. Det er vores første besøg i USA og de sidste par måneder er gået med planlægning og forberedelser til vores drømmerejse, som vil bringe os til følgende stater - Californien, Arizona, Utah og Nevada.
Turen har vi selv arrangeret og forventningerne om mange gode og spændende oplevelser er store - forhåbentlig bliver de indfriet. Du kan følge med på vores tur her i rejsedagbogen som - efter behov - bliver opdateret med tekst og billeder. Flere billeder kan ses i fotoalbummet USA Road Trip 2012.


Welcome - to Jan and Kaja's travel blog about our trip to the western United States in May - June 2012. This is our first visit to the United States and we have spent the last few month planning and preparing for our dream trip, which will take us to the following states - California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.
We have planned and organized the trip ourselves and we have expectations of a lot of great and exciting experiences - hopefully they will be honored. You can follow our journey here in the blog which - when needed - will be updated with text and images. More pictures can be seen in the photo album USA Road Trip 2012.



Indonesia & Dubai 2014

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Since my father in law is married to an Indonesian woman in his second marriage, we have over time heard and learned a lot about Indonesia and many times we talked about joining them on one of their trips to Indonesia and stay with them in their house in Lembang - a town approx. 150 km southeast of Jakarta.
So a long-cherished desire to visit Indonesia - and a wedding invitation - made ​​that we finally decided to go.
On our way home from Indonesia we will use the opportunity to stay a couple of days in Dubai.


Ready for departure from Dragør, Copenhagen - this is the luggage for 4 persons.
In Dubai Airport Kaja's sieblings, Lennart, Linda and Mellie and the latters husband Shaef joined us from UK.
In the Picture Lennart, Mellie and Shaef.

After having been underway for almost 24 hours we arrived in the busy "Soekarno Hatta Airport", Jakarta.
Yati and Kaja enjoying a nice foot massage after the long journey.
Due to the upcoming wedding the 3 sisters did some powershopping in Jakarta - an Indonesian wedding consist of a lot of ceremonies and rituals and it requires some specific dresses, which caused some headaches among the girls.
We had planned to leave Jakarta at noon Monday the 19. May, but because of rainstorm and flooding our departure was delayed by 6 hours. The guard in front of our house sought shelter from the heavy rain in his small shed.
From Jakarta we drove to a cooler and less polluted environment in Lembang - where we stayed in Yati and Ole's beautiful house. Lembang is situated 110 km southeast of Jakarta - approx 1400 m above sea level.
From the terrace there is a fantastic view of the town and the nearby mountain Tangkuban Prahu with a sleeping volcano which last erupted in 1983.
During our stay in Lembang we paid a visit to a home for orphans and donated 100 kg of rice.
The home is completely dependent on private contribution as they receive no support from the public authorities.
The Bandung branch of the family on their way to wedding in Jakarta.
A late arrival Thursday evening but lovely dinner.
Attending the first of 4 ceremonies at the wedding.
The parents saying farewell to their daughter.
An Indonesian wedding consists of many different rituals and one of the rituals is carried out by the parents who bathe their daughter before the wedding ceremony.
The two families meets "officially" for the first time.
Groom and bride
Beautiful dancers
On the third day of the wedding a dinner reception was held for approximately 1,200 invited guests.
After the wedding we flew approx. 450 km south to Yogyakarta to visit some beautiful temples.

Sunrise over the Borobodur Temple. It was built in the 9th century during the reign of the Sailendra Dynasty and it's the the world’s largest Buddhist temple.


The Prambanan Temple - a Hindu temple - which was also build in the 9th Century.


Farewell dinner - after seeing the beautiful temples in the vicinity of Yogyakarta it was time for Kaja and I to say goodbye to the other members of the family, as we had booked a hotel in Bali.


The beautiful pool at the Sanur Beach Hotel in Bali.


Amazing view of rice paddy fields.


A visit to Monkey Forest in Ubud and a good advice - be sure to hold on tight to all loose items.
After a couple of weeks in Indonesia filled with amazing and beautiful experiences, it was time again to set course for Denmark and on the way home we made a stop over in Dubai.


Burj Khalifa - is 829.8 meters high and hence the tallest building in the World. It was build between 2004 - 2010 and it’s three times as tall as the Eiffel Tower and nearly twice as tall as the Empire State Building.


A view from the Tower.



Dubai is a very special and warm place, so it was nice - after 3 days in the very hot environment - to get on the plane and arrive in more comfortable temperatures in Denmark.





USA 2012

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Welcome - to Jan and Kaja's travel blog about our trip to the Western United States in May - June 2012. This is our first visit to the United States and we have spent the last few month planning and preparing for our dream trip, which will take us to the following states - California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada - a distance of approx. 3500 km.

We have planned and organized the trip ourselves and we have expectations of a lot of great and exciting experiences - hopefully they will be honored. You can follow our journey here in the blog which - when needed - will be updated with text and images. More pictures can be seen in the photo album USA Road Trip 2012.


Monday 21. May 2012
Then finally came the day where we should begin our journey to God's own country - it had been awaited with eagerness and anticipation for long time. We went to bed early Sunday night, hoping to get a good night's sleep before the long flight, but - just as expected - we both woke up early at 04.30 hrs. although the alarm was not scheduled to wake us before 5:45 hrs. We had teamed up with Grandpa, who was persuaded to take us to the airport.
We traveled via Copenhagen - London Heathrow - San Francisco, where we arrived at 01:50 hrs. - a total of more than 17 ½ hours of travel and a distance of approx. 8.800 km. The time difference between U.S. and California is 9 hours, local time was 16.50.
Everything went according to plan, until we went through Custom & Border Control at the airport - this was not at all geared up to receive a load of passengers from a jumbo jet Boeing 747 - it took 1 ½ hours to get through the needle's eye. During the check we had our fingerprints and photos taken for the archives.

After the long - and sometimes - tedious trip, squeezed into a narrow plane seat, standing in line was not what we needed the most.
Eventually we managed to find our way through the border control and finally we could pick up our rental car, a brand new Chevrolet Captiva V6 - rented for 3 weeks for € 600 including a full tank.

From the airport we went straight to our motel "Town House Motel", centrally located for most of the attractions we are going to see in San Francisco.
At that time we were very tired, but we held out a few hours more, before we finally went to sleep - I think we were sleeping before our heads touched the pillow.


Tuesday 22. May 2012
Up early the next day - at 06.45 hrs. we were awake and excited to get out and have a look at all the sights. Breakfast consisted of a thin cup of coffee with a piece of pastry and a banana.
The days program was largely determined from home, since we had already purchased ticket for a trip to the prisoners island "Alcatraz", which is a must see when you're in San Francisco. It is advisable to book tickets well in advance, otherwise you cannot be sure to go to the island the day you have planned.
The sun was shining from a sky without clouds and it was a beautiful boat ride across the San Francisco Bay to the island, where - on the way - we also had a view of another of San Francisco's major attractions - Golden Gate.

Alcatraz was in 1853 - during the American Civil War - fortified with artillery to protect the entrance to San Francisco. Because of its isolated location, the island was a few years later adapted also to house prisoners of war. In 1933 the island was transferred to the civilian prison system, and for the next 30 years Alcatraz housed some of America's most dangerous prisoners - including Alcapone "Scarface" and "Machine Gun Kelly".
An exciting and at the same time terrifying testimony about the conditions criminals at that time had to endure. Definitely worth a visit.

The afternoon was spent on a drive over the Golden Gate and, at the same time, use the opportunity to take some pictures of the beautiful bridge.

The bridge was completed in 1937 - it is 211 m high and 2737 m long


Wednesday 23. May 2012
We started the day with a solid American breakfast at a nearby restaurant and then we challenged our stomachs, by driving up and down the steep streets of San Francisco a la Steve McQueen in "Bullitt".

We also took a drive through the beautiful hairpins on Lombard Street surrounded by beautiful old Victorian houses.

Later, the transport was in a more relaxed pace with one of the old cable trams. A one-way trip costs $ 6 and lasts approx. ½ hour from downtown to Fisherman's Wharf.

It's also highly recommended to visit the beautiful military cemetery in the Presidio National Park, in the NW corner of San Francisco.
We ended the day with a visit to an Indian restaurant - a very hot and spicy experience.

Thursday 24th May 2012
Early morning we set course south on Highway 1 along the Pacific coast. Today's aim was Carmel-by-the-Sea approx. 200 km south of San Francisco - a nice trip, but nothing compared to what we would experience the following day. Along the way, we made stops in Monterey - where they were preparing for the annual "Clam Festival" - and Santa Cruz with the rollercoaster "Giant Dipper" on the beach.

We arrived in Carmel early afternoon so we had plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful town and beach - recommendable.


Friday 25. May 2012
Started the day with a visit to Mission San Carlos Borromeo, Carmel - which should be one of the most beautiful in California.

Then we continued south, bound for Santa Barbara - on the way there were plenty of photo opportunities - which was used to the fullest. So the travel time, which was calculated at approx. 4 hours, ended up being the double, so we shortened the trip and ended up staying overnight at the Motel 6 in Buellton - just outside the "Danish village" Solvang.

About the trip we can only say - it was stunningly beautiful.


Saturday 26th May 2012
After a good night's sleep we started the day once again, with a solid American breakfast at "Ellen's Pancake House."
Then we went to Solvang which is a reminiscent of a bad backdrop for a Hollywood movie, but still interesting to see - if for no other reason to say that we've been there.

From Solvang we went for a walk on a windswept beach promenade in Santa Barbara, where we saw herons dive for fish, and we had a walk around the city's beautiful courthouse.

After that we went further down the coast directly to Hollywood, LA, where we have accommodated ourselves on Sunset Boulevard for the next 3 days.

Sunday 27th May 2012
Another day full of experiences. First we went to Warner Brothers, where we were at a VIP Studio Tour and went backstage and saw how they make movies - including the series "Friends".

After that a visit to the nearby Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

The afternoon was spent at Venice Beach.

We finished the day with a visit to Griffith Observatory and a spectacular view of Los Angeles.


Monday 28th May 2012
A relaxed day where we visited some of our many friends in Hollywood, such as Jack Nicholson, Brad Pitt, Angelina and Simon Cowell.
On a walk down Hollywood Boulevard we met indeed an old friend Marilyn Monroe, who insisted that I took a photo of her and Kaja together. The person at the center of the picture presented himself as "Scarface" and was probably Marilyns new date.

Later Kaja swung my credit card on Rodeo Drive - more and more I rely on the big win in Las Vegas :-(

Tuesday 29th May 2012
A quiet day where we said goodbye to Hollywood and hello to San Diego and new different experiences.
Along the way we stopped to enjoy the lovely weather and beautiful beaches along the coast.

In the evening we tried to get a nice picture of a sunset over the Pacific, but unfortunately it became cloudy as darkness came on, but it was beautiful anyway.


Wednesday 30th May 2012
Kaja used the morning to explore San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter with old restored Victorian houses and lots of shops.
Meanwhile, I got a really boys experience when I entered the aircraft carrier USS Midway, which is converted into a museum ship.

The afternoon we spent in the famous Sea World - a beautiful but expensive experience.

Tomorrow Wednesday we drive into the country - our next stop will be Yuma.
We are now approx. halfway on the trip and the days just fly by - it's damn scary :-(


Thursday 31 May 2012
The day featured a drive from San Diego to Yuma, Arizona - a distance of approx. 275 km. Not a particularly great distance in kilometers, but in temperature a world of difference. From comfortable 24-26 degrees to creepy 44 degrees - kind of radical change, which will probably take us some time to get used to. Reminds me of the time I was serving in Iraq.

The landscape has also changed dramatically from green and lush to barren stretches of stony plains, yet beautiful in its own way.

It will be a hot night as we turned off our noisy air conditioning, interesting how much sleep we will get.

Friday 1st June 2012
Still, it was not so bad with the heat in our room - even with the air conditioning turned off - as the temperature decreased to more tolerable levels during the night. From Yuma we set course for Sedona - a journey which didn't offer many scenic views - and, to my wifes big surprise, for the first time in our vacation, we did not stop on the way to take photos.

When we arrived though the  camera worked overtime - what beautiful red mountains there were. For no reason it is called "Red Rock Country".

Saturday 2. June 2012
Today's big experience was a visit to the Grand Canyon - one of the highlights of our vacation. Unfortunately the visibility was not quite optimal, so the pictures will not provide full justice to the beautiful scenery.

The sunset is something special, as the rocks changes color to a nice red tint.

Sunday 3. June 2012
We started the day once again enjoying the magnificent views of the Grand Canyon. Tried in vain to get the "perfect" image in the box, but no picture can do justice to the beautiful scenery - you have to go there yourself and see it with your own eyes.

In the afternoon we once again witnessed one of the nature's wonders, when we visited the Monument Valley in Utah. A beautiful sight fully comparable with the Grand Canyon - I think the picture speaks for itself.

Monday 4. June 2012
Antelope Canyon was the day's goal and it fully lived up to our expectations of seeing something beautiful and different. Antelope Canyon is located in Navajo country and is by the natives called "The place where the water runs through rocks."

The monsoon season sometimes creates flooding and then the water rushes in to the narrow passageways and over time created this wonderful piece of nature.

For $ 80 I had signed up for a special Photographers Tour, which gave more time and opportunities to take pictures and it was definitely worth the money.
Don't forget that more pictures are available - click here

Tuesday 5th June 2012
Our round trip in the U.S. canyons is coming to an end for now. Today we went north to Bryce Canyon which, despite its name, is not a canyon, but a giant natural "amphitheater".

Bryce is distinctive due to geological structures called hoodoos, formed by wind, water, and ice erosion.
Again a very beautiful sight.

Wednesday 6. June
The morning was spent once again enjoying the beatiful sight of Bryce Canyon and take the last pictures before we headed for the "City of sin" - Las Vegas.

Later we passed a small western town with the Danish flag flying from the flagpole - not an eye was dry. Fair to be said that it was not the only flag :-)
Later we passed through the outskirts of Zion Canyon which looked very interesting for the photographer, but Kaja said stop - she was getting canyon haddock.
Late afternoon we drove into Las Vegas and checked in at our hotel The Imperial Palace where we will stay for the next 4 days. The view from our suite, is very nice.

Thursday 7. June
We spent the day and evening to explore and experience Las Vegas Boulevard known as "The Strip". Briefly, "The Strip" is a giant amusement park, but a completely different one of the kind.
Every night there are miscellaneous free shows in front of many of the casinos in order to trick people inside. In front of the Bellagio casino is a huge fountain that is choreographed so that it fits with the music played on - eg. "Time to say goodbye".

Casino Treasure Island (Treasure Island) performs a show with dancing girls who pretends to be Sirens, trying to lure sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

They also tried to tempt me, but whether they succeeded or not is an open question 😉

Friday 8th June 2012
Another day in Las Vegas - an interesting city with many different and funny kinds of people - which you can spent a lot of time observing.
Kaja had been looking for Elvis when she had heard that he was in town and finally she found him - even 3 of a kind at the same time.

Mickey Mouse also found his way to Las Vegas, but it seems like he had been looking too deep into the bottle.

Saturday 9. June 2012
Today's absolute highlight was the concert with Celine Dion at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace - and she fulfilled our expectations and gave a terrific performance.

Afterwards Celine sent us a personal mail and thanked us for coming to the concert - she send her best wishes to all of you.
A nice finish on a holiday which is close to end - unfortunately.
Tomorrow we drive the approx. 400 km back to Los Angeles.

Sunday 10. June 2012
After a long and tedious journey, we now arrived in Los Angeles and has again checked into our hotel on Sunset Boulevard. We also refueled our  car for the last time today, at a cost of approx. € 0,79 per liter - an affordable and reasonable price. We've completed around 4.300 km in almost 21 days - it perhaps sounds like a lot, but it has only been short distances of 200 - 300 km per day and a few stretches of approx. 400 km.

Quite surprisingly, it is very limited what we've seen to my colleagues on the way - nevertheless we found a couple of them on Hollywood Boulevard. A nice dress code, and perhaps something we should consider introducing to some of our female colleagues.

Monday 11. june 2012
Time to go back home - It has been 21 amazing days with a lot of experiences that will take some time to digest.
Our plane is leaving 19.50 local time and we expect to arrive in Denmark Tuesday at 21.15 hrs. - it will for sure be a long journey.



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Velkommen - til Jan og Kaja's rejsedagbog om vores tur til det vestlige USA i maj-juni 2012. Det er vores første besøg i USA og de sidste par måneder er gået med planlægning og forberedelser til vores drømmerejse, som vil bringe os til følgende stater - Californien, Arizona, Utah og Nevada - en tur på ca. 3500 km.

Turen har vi selv arrangeret og forventningerne om mange gode og spændende oplevelser er store - forhåbentlig bliver de indfriet. Du kan følge med på vores tur her i rejsedagbogen som - efter behov - bliver opdateret med tekst og billeder. Flere billeder kan ses i fotoalbummet USA Road Trip 2012.
Mandag 21. maj 2012
Så oprandt endelig dagen, hvor vi skulle indlede rejsen til Guds eget land - den har været ventet med længsel og forventning længe. Vi gik tidligt i seng søndag aften, i håb om at få en god nattesøvn inden den lange flyvetur, men - lidt som forventet - vågnede vi begge tidligt kl. 04.30, selvom vækkeuret først var sat til at vække kl. 05.45. Vi havde allieret os med Farfar, som var overtalt til at køre os til Aarhus lufthavn.
Herefter gik turen til København - London Heathrow - San Francisco, hvortil vi ankom kl. 01.50 - altså i alt godt 17½ time undervejs. Tidsforskellen mellem DK og Californien er 9 timer, så lokaltid var 16.50.
Alt forløb planmæssigt, lige indtil vi skulle igennem Custom & Border Control i lufthavnen - her var man slet ikke gearet til at modtage et læs passagerer fra en Jumbojet Boeing 747 - det tog 1½ time at slippe igennem nåleøjet. Forinden var der blevet taget fingeraftryk og foto til deres arkiver.

Efter den lange - og til tider - noget kedsommelige rejse, klemt ned i et smalt flysæde, var det at skulle stå i kø ikke lige det vi havde mest brug for.
Endelig langt om længe
nåede vi igennem kontrollen og kunne hente vores lejebil, en spritny Chevrolet Captiva V6 lejet i 3 uger for kr. 4500 inklusiv en fuld tank.

Herefter gik turen til vores motel "Town House Motel", centralt placeret i forhold til det meste af det vi skal se i San Francisco.
På det tidspunkt var vi meget trætte, men vi holdt ud endnu et par timer, inden vi langt om længe kunne lægge os til at sove - jeg tror vi sov inden hovedet ramte puden.
Tirsdag 22. maj 2012
Tidligt op næste dag - allerede kl. 06.45 var vi lysvågne og spændte på at komme ud at se på alle seværdighederne. Morgenmaden bestod af en tynd kop kaffe, med et stykke wienerbrød og en banan.
Dagens program var stort set fastlagt hjemmefra, idet vi på internettet havde købt billet til fangeøen Alcatraz, som er et must når man er i San Francisco. Det er tilrådeligt at bestille billetter i god tid, da man ellers ikke kan være sikker på at kunne komme over til øen den dag, man ellers havde planlagt.
Solen skinnede fra en skyfri himmel og det var en utrolig flot sejltur over til Alcatraz, hvor vi samtidig havde udsigt til et andet af San Franciscos store seværdigheder - Golden Gate.

Alcatraz blev i 1853 - under den amerikanske borgerkrig indrettet - befæstet med artilleri til beskyttelse af indsejlingen til San Francisco. På grund af sin isolerede beliggenhed blev øen få år senere indrettet til også at huse krigsfanger. I 1933 blev øen overdraget til fængselsvæsnet og kom de næste 30 år til at huse nogle af USA's farligste fanger - herunder Alcapone "Scarface" og "Machine Gun Kelly".
Et spændende og samtidig skræmmende vidnesbyrd om, hvilke forhold man bød kriminelle på den tid. Absolut et besøg værd.

Eftermiddagen blev brugt på at køre en tur over Golden Gate og samtidig benytte lejligheden til at tage nogle billeder af den flotte bro.

Broen stod færdig i 1937 - er 211 m høj og 2737 m lang.

Onsdag 23. maj 2012
Vi startede dagen med en solid amerikansk morgenmad på en nærliggende restaurant og efterfølgende udfordrede vi vores maver, ved at køre op og ned ad de stejle gader i San Francisco a la Steve McQueen i "Bullitt".

Også en tur gennem de smukke hårnålesving, omgivet med gamle victorianske huse på Lombard Street blev det til.

Senere foregik transporten i et mere adstadigt tempo med en af de gamle kabelsporvogne. En envejs tur koster $6 og varer ca. ½ time fra centrum til Fishermans Wharf.

Det kan endvidere varmt anbefales at besøge den smukke militære kirkegård i Nationalparken Presidio, i det NV hjørne af San Francisco.
Dagen sluttede vi af med et besøg på en indisk restaurant - en hot spicy oplevelse.

Torsdag 24. maj 2012
Tidlig morgen blev kursen sat sydover ad Highway 1 langs stillehavskysten. Dagens mål var Carmel-by-the-Sea ca. 200 km syd for San Francisco - en flot tur, men ikke noget i sammenligning med, hvad vi skulle opleve dagen efter. Undervejs lagde vi vejen forbi Monterey - hvor man var ved at gøre klar til den årlige "Clam Festival" - og Santa Cruz med rutchebanen "Giant Dipper" på stranden.

Vi ankom til Carmel først på eftermiddagen og havde derfor god tid til at nyde den smukke by og strand - kan klart anbefales.

Friday 25. May 2012
Startede dagen med et besøg i Mission San Carlos Borromeo, som skulle være en af de smukkeste i Californien.

Herefter fortsatte vi sydover med kurs mod Santa Barbara - undervejs var der masser af foto muligheder - som blev benyttet til fulde. Så rejsetiden, som var beregnet til ca. 4 timer, endte med at blive på det dobbelte, ligesom vi afkortede turen og endte med at overnatte på Motel 6 i Buellton - lige udenfor danskerbyen Solvang.

Om turen kan vi kun sige at den var fantastisk smuk.


Lørdag 26. maj 2012
Efter en god nats søvn startede vi dagen med endnu en gang solid amerikansk morgenmad på "Ellens Pancake House".
Herefter gik turen til Solvang, som minder om en dårlig kulisse til en Hollywood film, men alligevel interessant at opleve - om ikke andet så for at kunne sige - we have been there.

Fra Solvang videre til en gåtur på en vindomsust strandpromenade i Santa Barbara, hvor vi så fiskehejrer dykke efter fisk, ligesom vi var en tur omkring byens smukke retsbygning.

Fra Santa Barbara gik turen direkte til Hollywood LA, hvor vi nu har indlogeret os på Sunset Boulevard for de næste 3 dage.

Søndag 27. maj 2012
Endnu en dag fyldt med oplevelser. Først gik turen til Warner Brothers, hvor vi var på en VIP Studio Tour og gik bag scenen og så hvordan de laver film - herunder serien "Friends".

Herefter et besøg på den nærliggende Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Eftermiddagen tilbragte vi på Venice Beach.

Dagen sluttede vi af med et besøg på Griffith Observatory, med en fantastisk udsigt over Los Angeles.

Mandag 28. maj 2012
En afslappet dag hvor vi kørte rundt og besøgte nogle af vores mange venner i Hollywood, såsom Jack Nicholson, Brad Pitt og Angelina og Simon Cowell.
På en gåtur ned ad Hollywood Boulevard mødte vi sandelig en gammel bekendt Marilyn Monroe, som insisterede på at jeg tog et foto af hende og Kaja sammen. Personen i midten af billedet præsenterede sig som "Scarface" og var vistnok Marilyns nye date.

Senere svingede Kaja kreditkortet på Rodeo Drive - det ender nok med, at jeg må gå hele vejen på casinoerne i Las Vegas for at redde vores økonomi :-(


Tirsdag 29. maj 2012
En stille dag, hvor vi sagde farvel til Hollywood og goddag til San Diego og nye anderledes oplevelser.
Undervejs gjorde vi holdt for at nyde det smukke vejr og dejlige badestrande langs kysten.

Om aftenen forsøgte vi at få et smukt billede af en solnedgang over Stillehavet, men desværre gik det hen og blev overskyet efterhånden som mørket faldt på, men smukt var det alligevel.


Onsdag 30. maj 2012
Kaja benyttede dagen til at gå på oplevelse i San Diegos Gaslamp Quarter med gamle restaurerede victorianske huse og masser af forretninger.
Imedens fik jeg en rigtig drengerøvs oplevelse, da jeg var ombord på hangarskibet USS Midway, som er lavet om til et museumsskib.

Eftermiddagen brugte vi på et besøg i det berømte Sea World - en flot, men også dyr oplevelse.

Vi er nu ca. halvvejs på turen og dagene bare flyver afsted - det er sgu lidt uhyggeligt :-(  

Onsdag kører vi ind i landet - nærmere bestemt til Yuma.

Torsdag 31. maj 2012
Dagen bød på en køretur fra San Diego til Yuma, Arizona - en strækning på ca. 275 km. Ikke nogen specielt stor afstand i kilometer, men i temperatur en verden til forskel. Fra behagelige 24-26 grader til uhyggelige 44 grader - noget af en omvæltning, som det nok tager lidt tid at vænne sig til. Giver minder om min tid i Irak.

Landskabet har også ændret sig drastisk fra grønt og frodigt til stenet og goldt, men alligevel smukt på sin måde.

Det bliver en varm nat, da vi har slukket for vores larmende aircondition, spændende hvor meget søvn vi får.

Fredag 1. juni 2012
Det var alligevel ikke så slemt med varmen på vores værelse - selv med en slukket aircondition - da temperaturen faldt til mere tålelige grader i løbet af natten.
Fra Yuma satte vi kursen mod Sedona - en køretur som ikke bød på de store naturoplevelser - og for første gang i ferien, gjorde vi ikke holdt undervejs for at tage fotos.

Til gengæld kom kameraet på overarbejde da vi nåede frem - hold da helt op nogle flotte røde bjerge. Ikke for ingenting at det bliver kaldt "Red Rock Country".

Lørdag 2. juni 2012
Dagens store oplevelse var et besøg i Grand Canyon - et af højdepunkterne i vores ferie. Desværre var sigtbarheden ikke helt optimal, så billederne yder ikke helt retfærdighed til den flotte natur.

Solnedgangen er noget helt specielt, idet klipperne skifter farve til en flot rød kulør.

Søndag 3. juni 2012
Vi startede dagen med endnu engang at nyde den storslåede udsigt i Grand Canyon. Forsøgte forgæves at få det "perfekte" billede i kassen, men intet billede kan yde retfærdighed til den flotte natur - man må selv tage dertil og se det med sine egne øjne.

Om eftermiddagen var vi endnu engang vidne til et af naturens vidundere da vi besøgte Monument Valley i staten Utah. Et smukt syn helt på højde med Grand Canyon - billedet taler vist for sig selv.

Mandag 4. juni 2012
Antelope Canyon var dagens mål og den levede til fulde op til vores forventninger om at se noget smukt og anderledes. Antelope Canyon ligger i Navajo land og bliver af lokalbefolkningen kaldet "Stedet hvor vandet løber igennem klipperne".

I monsun sæsonen løber overskydende vand igennem klipperne og har over tid skabt dette pragtfulde stykke natur.

For $80 havde jeg tilmeldt mig en speciel Photographers Tour, som gav mere tid og muligheder for at tage billeder og det var helt sikkert pengene værd.
Flere billeder kan ses i fotoalbummet - klik her

Tirsdag 5. juni 2012
Vores rundtur i de amerikanske canyons er ved at være slut i denne omgang. I dag gik turen nordpå til Bryce Canyon som, trods sit navn, ikke er en canyon, men et gigantisk naturskabt "amfibieteater".

Bryce Canyon er karakteristisk på grund af de geologiske strukturer, der kaldes jordpyramider (hoodoos), dannet af vind, vand og is erosion.
Igen et utrolig flot skue.

Onsdag 6. juni
Morgenen blev brugt på endnu en gang at nyde synet af den flotte Bryce Canyon og tage de sidste billeder inden vi satte kursen mod syndens by - Las Vegas.

Undervejs passerede vi forbi Zion Canyon, som også trak i fotografen, men Kaja sagde stop - hun var ved at få canyon kuller.

Senere kom vi forbi en lille western by med det danske flag vajende fra flagstangen - ikke et øje var tørt. Retfærdigvis skal siges, at det ikke var det eneste flag :-)
Sidst på eftermiddagen kørte vi ind i Las Vegas og indlogerede os på vores hotel Imperial Palace, hvor vi skal tilbringe de næste 4 dage. Udsigten fra vores suite kan vi ikke klage over.

Torsdag 7. juni
Brugte dagen/aftenen på at udforske og opleve Las Vegas Boulevard også kaldet "The Strip". Strip betyder bl.a. afklæde/frarøve - altså, hvad man i overført betydning risikerer at blive udsat for, når man besøger de mange kasinoer.
Kort fortalt er "The Strip" et kæmpestort tivoli, men et helt anderledes af slagsen. Hver aften opføres diverse gratis shows foran mange af kasinoerne med henblik på at lokke folk indenfor.

Foran kasinoet Bellagio er et kæmpe springvand, som er koreograferet så det passer med den musik der spilles til - f.eks. "Time to say goodbye".

Kasinoet Treasure Island (Skatteøen) opfører et show med dansepiger der giver den som Sirener, som forsøger at lokke sømænd i fordærv.

De forsøgte også at lokke undertegnede, men man har vel ryggrad :-/
Fredag 8. juni 2012
Endnu en dag i Las Vegas - en interessant by med mange forskellige og sjove typer af mennesker - som man kan få megen tid til at gå med at kigge på.
Kaja havde været på udkig efter Elvis, da hun havde hørt at han skulle være i byen og endelig fandt hun ham - endda hele 3 af slagsen på en gang.

Mickey Mouse havde også fundet vej til Las Vegas, men havde kigget lidt for dybt i flasken.

Lørdag 9. juni 2012
Dagens absolutte højdepunkt var koncerten med Celine Dion i The Colosseum i Caesars Palace - og hun levede helt op til vores forventninger og gav en forrygende koncert.

Celine har efterfølgende sendt os en mail og takket for at vi kom og vi skulle endelig hilse mange gange, hvilket hermed er gjort.

En god afslutning på en ferie som er ved at være ved vejs ende - desværre. I morgen kører vi de ca. 400 km tilbage til Los Angeles.

Søndag 10. juni
Efter en lidt lang og kedelig køretur er vi nu kommet til Los Angeles og har igen checket ind på vores hotel på Sunset Boulevard. Vi har også tanket vores lejebil for sidste gang i dag, til en pris af ca. kr. 5,85 pr. liter - en overkommelig og rimelig pris. Vi har i alt kørt 4.519 km på de knap 21 dage vi har været afsted - det lyder måske af meget, men det har kun været korte strækninger på 200 - 300 km pr. dag og et par enkelte strækninger på ca. 400 km. 

Ret overraskende er det meget begrænset hvad vi har set til mine kollegaer undervejs - vi fandt dog et par af dem på Hollywood Boulevard. En nydelig dresscode og måske noget vi skulle overveje at indføre for nogle af vores kvindelige kollegaer herhjemme.

Mandag 11. juni 2012
Tid til at rejse hjem - det har været 21 dage fantastiske dage med en masse oplevelser, som det vil tage nogen tid at fordøje.
Vores fly letter kl. 19.50 lokal tid og vi forventer at ankomme til Danmark tirsdag kl.  21.15 - Det vil helt sikkert blive en lang tur.